Sexy Star Trek Cosplay

From the Deviantart pages comes The.Cosplay.Scion as the engineer girl and Paper.Star as the science officer. The costumes were made by the girl in red.

star trek babestrekker girls
From Chonastock comes another duo: a “pink-skin” and an andorian officer.

pretty trek cosplay girlspretty girls in sexy star trek costume

For an alternate universe, UsagiHikaru and her friend Abby designed their science and command uniforms.

sexy vulcan girl

babes in sexy trekker uniforms

Corsets in Starfleet uniforms? Why not? That´s what Eveningarwen came up:

sexy girls in sci-fi trekker uniforms

But if you’re really into sexy vulcans, you should talk to DeziDesire:

sexy vulcan costume cosplay

vulcan babe trek girl uniform

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the borg 7 of 9, this one from Wheatherstone‘s page on Deviantart.

voyager's 7 of 9 borg cosplay

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